Fireplace TV Wallmounting

Wallmounting your tv above a fire place can make good use of what would otherwise be a dead space. It's perfect for when your floor area is too limited to place a tv cabinet and it's safe from small children and pets!

At Flatout our tv wallmounting service will enusre your tv is high enough to be safe from the heat of active fireplaces but low enough for comfortable viewing (we highly recommend a forward 'tilting' bracket to help the viewing angle in such cases). It's worth noting that tv and device manufacturers do not supply cables long enough for fire place applications (the higher tv means the cables have to travel a longer distance than normal to reach sockets and electronic devices). We recommend customers purchase some long length additional power and hdmi cables (3-5m long) easily available online at at your local store. We carry addition cables which can be supplied on the day if you are not sure whether you will need them.

With Flatout Home Services our tv installation service will transform your place from some where to put unwanted trinkets to the centre of your home entertainment!