Furniture Assembly/ Flatpack FAQs

Q1) Which areas do we cover

A1) We serve all of Greater London and the surrounding areas including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Kent and Essex.

Q2) How do we charge?
Q3) How much room do we need for assembly?
Q4) Can we assemble in small spaces?
Q5) Can we assemble items on the same day as delivery?
Q6) Can we build during a property refubishment?
Q7) Do we use protection for hardwood and laminate flooring?
Q8) What happens if I'm not happy with the job after completion?

TV Installation FAQs

Q1) What's included in the price?

A1) Unless otherwise stated all Tv installation packages include a warrantied secure wallmounting of your Tv. It also includes a paintable white plastic cable cover to conceal UP TO 4 CABLES OF APPROPRIATE LENGTH from the outer edge of the tv to the nearest wall socket or extension lead (whichever is nearer). Deluxe inside wall cable concealing is available at additonal cost. Apart from wall brackets where specified, NO OTHER PARTS OR ADDITIONAL CABLES ARE INCLUDED. (These can be supplied at additional cost as and when required).

Q2) How high should my TV be?
Q3) How can I tell what sort of wall I have?
Q4) What type of bracket should I use?
Q5) What protection do I have against the TV falling down?
Q6) Do you take away the old Tv?
Q7) What if I'm moving house and want to take my tv with me to the new address?
Q8) Which areas do you cover?